Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is a successful businessman with a strong leadership abilities. Irrespective of your political point of view, The Donald has been successful in business and real estate for the last few decades. The corporate world has known him for many years with his real estate success and mainstream America recognizes him as a Pupil TV series. Even more lately, with his decision to run for President, he’s part of the popular American culture and discussion. Decision Making – As it relates to his business dealings, Donald Trump seems to have made some really good decisions. Whenever you listen to him speak he’s in fact very conservative with his business decisions. Taking risks is part of business, but making certain the risks are calculated and you know the upsides and downsides is key. Donald Trump’s Quote – Sometimes your best investments are those you do not make. Goal Setting – This has been documented to death and for valid reason. Individuals who’re driven set goals for themselves and several times they set BIG goals and have high anticipation for their very own performance. He’s high anticipation for himself and those around him and that’s, at least partially, why he’s was able to achieve so much in his lifetime. Even when they do not meet their goals they exceed their counterparts who have not set any goals. Donald Trump Quote – You need to think anyway, so why not think big? . Confidence – You may argue that Donald Trump is arrogant and could, perhaps, even be diagnosed with narcissistic character disorder. Irrespective of your point of view though it can take a confident person to be capable to lead others effectively. Could you remember the last time you had been influenced by somebody who lacked confidence? It’s a critical part of the business, especially when you’re on a regular basis involved with complex negotiations. It seems sensible that those who’ve alignment in this area have higher level of job satisfaction.